Year: 2015

How to Drink Tequila and Eat BBQ

Raising the bar The year was 2003 and I was tending the bar in a typically antique strewn BBQ restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. When one day between pouring craft beers and talking about the Cubs with a local, I saw

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Fresh pasta… The ancient Chinese secret

Welcome back readers to the half literate gibberish that is the Pot and Pan Handlers blog. Today we’re going back in history to solve a problem you might not know you have… A depressing lack of fresh pasta replaced with

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Havana Coffee & Tea Company… A perfect sandwich.

We are in Miami, after a nightmare arrival in the sunshine state we retreated to the hotel where we took refuge in the hotel lounge, Pure Verde before withdrawing to our hotel room for much needed rest. This is where

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The folly of following bad advice

Welcome back Pot and Pan Handler nation to the tale of our moist travels in vice city otherwise known as Miami, Florida. As most of you readers know, we @ (as Americans we are entirely too busy not to abbreviate

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The Violet Hour

We stood, in the sunlight of an abnormally azure Chicago sky, our mission clear, but execution not so much. On a search for drinks in the Wicker Park area of Chicago, a long, depressing walk, or short, depressing cab ride

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What to do with a solitary peach? Just add booze.

Peachy keen Welcome gifted readers to the front of the short bus that is the Pot and Pan Handler’s remedial blog pertaining to the subject of food, sometimes more and sometimes much, much less. Today we’re talking the perennial, summer,

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Avoid the double dip dilemma

It started as most things start, with a Seinfeld episode, when they compare double dipping to putting your mouth in the dip. The dreaded social faux pas of the double dip has long been frowned upon. But this Seinfeld episode

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Windy City Tacos and Donuts

Welcome dear readers to the Pot and Pan Handlers distracted blog pertaining to food and travel sometimes more, sometimes much, much, less. Today we are in the windy city and we’re talking about two things close to our hearts… tacos

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Taco Tuesday Take Down Finale

Welcome back disinterested readers, to the Pot and Pan Handlers frivolous blog, Taco Tuesday edition. As you may remember we took to the campus-esque streets of Chapelborro, NC and swam through a sea of fake ID’s to find our favorite

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A Night in the Windy City, Take 2

We’re in a taxi chain; in our cab is Dr. Business Casual, the Salesman with sunglasses seemingly attached to his Lego hair and us, your humble narrators the Pot and Pan Handler. Contained ahead of us in taxi #1 is

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