Month: July 2015

A Night in the Windy City, Take 2

We’re in a taxi chain; in our cab is Dr. Business Casual, the Salesman with sunglasses seemingly attached to his Lego hair and us, your humble narrators the Pot and Pan Handler. Contained ahead of us in taxi #1 is

Taco Tuesday Take Down the semi-finals. Take 2.

Welcome back gluttonous readers, to the Pot and Pan Handlers trivial blog, where any resemblance to literacy is purely coincidental. Today we’re back on Chapel Hill’s, NC’s famed drunken frat boy playground, more commonly referred to as Franklin Street, in

A night in the windy city

In the beginning It started as far as I can recall, outside of a convention center in Chicago, Illinois, where we were breezily strolling wondering where to eat in this mecca  of food. Suddenly we’re approached by a woman whom

Taco Tuesday Take Down Semi-Finals

Welcome back preoccupied readers to the Pot and Pan Handler’s diabolical blog where any resemblance to literacy is strictly coincidental, but any and all flavors are entirely intentional. Today we’re taking it to the streets of Chapel Hill, NC where

The Pot and Pan Handler Get Crafty

Welcome back, drunken readers, to this crafty edition of the Pot and Pan Handlers slightly literate blog where we tour this great nation one plate at a time. Today we’re in the American south where we armed ourselves to the

Whose chicken soft taco will reign supreme?

The Semi Finals Welcome readers, both sober and otherwise to the Taco Tuesday Takedown intermission edition… I know what you’re thinking, intermission edition, what the hell is that anyway? Intermission edition, son of a bitch that sounds like a freakin’

Smoke+Protein+Tortilla= Yum

The Pot and Pan Handler: Why the fudge don’t BBQ restaurants serve tacos? Welcome readers to another steamy hot posting of food porn by the Pot and Pan Handler. Today we’ll tell ya’ what grinds our gears. Followed by a