Month: March 2016

Welcome cheesy readers to this bloggy geyser of cheesesteaks. Who doesn’t love to tear into Philly cheesesteaks?  Seasoned, thinly sliced, fatty, steak with cheese on an Amoroso roll, what’s not to like? It’s possible there’s a bistro somewhere turning out …

Cheesesteaks & Cheez Whiz an evolution. Read More »

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Welcome as always sunny readers, to the splurge of ramblings that is the Pot and Pan Handler’s blog. Today we are in sunny Miami, Florida on a mission to get new silicone for our pork butt, however that’s a different …

Miami’s Federal don’t F* it up Read More »

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The first time I ever thought about it, I was listening to the news. Listening while the Mayor of Houston was spouting off about what a triumph it was to outlaw gender specific bathrooms. What a strange goal, I thought. …

An argument for gender non-specific bathrooms. Read More »

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