Month: May 2016

Nomad Pizza We are at Nomad Pizza. As residents of North Carolina we typically have to drive twenty minutes for a good pizza. But tonight we are in luck, we’re in Philadelphia in the Northeast United States where if they’re …

Nomad Pizza Doesn’t Meth Around Read More »

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Bloody Mary’s can’t we all just get along? Welcome to a Bloody Mary filled edition of the Pot and Pan Handler’s hedonistic blog, where we’re taking everyone to brunch, for Bloody Mary’s, Mimosa’s & Irished up coffee, or whatever else …

Bloody Mary for brunch: a proposal Read More »

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Tavern on Camac We’re in Philly at Tavern on Camac, the wet cough of a homeless man punctuates the sound of the city while a cool night’s breeze tugs at the hems of our coats (at least, I hope it’s …

Tavern on Camac; These are the People in Your Gayborhood Read More »

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