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Taco Tuesday Take Down Finale

Welcome back disinterested readers, to the Pot and Pan Handlers frivolous blog, Taco Tuesday edition. As you may remember we took to the campus-esque streets of Chapelborro, NC and swam through a sea of fake ID’s to find our favorite

Taco Tuesday Take Down the semi-finals. Take 2.

Welcome back gluttonous readers, to the Pot and Pan Handlers trivial blog, where any resemblance to literacy is purely coincidental. Today we’re back on Chapel Hill’s, NC’s famed drunken frat boy playground, more commonly referred to as Franklin Street, in

Taco Tuesday Take Down Semi-Finals

Welcome back preoccupied readers to the Pot and Pan Handler’s diabolical blog where any resemblance to literacy is strictly coincidental, but any and all flavors are entirely intentional. Today we’re taking it to the streets of Chapel Hill, NC where

Whose chicken soft taco will reign supreme?

The Semi Finals Welcome readers, both sober and otherwise to the Taco Tuesday Takedown intermission edition… I know what you’re thinking, intermission edition, what the hell is that anyway? Intermission edition, son of a bitch that sounds like a freakin’

Taco Tuesday Take Down Quatro.

In the bowels of Franklin Street Bandido’s   “General Tso, you were a blood thirsty tyrant, but your chicken is delectable.” – Mr. Burns Welcome curious readers to the Pot and Pan Handlers first annual Taco Tuesday Take Down. Where

Taco Tuesday Take Down Tres

The heavy hand of brand strategy. Welcome back inebriated readers to the Pot and Pan Handler’s Taco Tuesday Take Down installment three. Where we pit 8 taco dives in the UNC, area all located within 1.7 miles of each other,

Taco Tuesday Take Down II

Taco Tuesday Takedown II Welcome back disinterested readers to the Pot and Pan Handlers illiterate ranting blog. Today we are celebrating Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC’s famed Franklin St. and the plethora of taco dives by searching for our favorite chicken soft

Taco Tuesday Take Down.

Two taco enter one taco leave Welcome readers to the 1st annual Pot and Pan Handlers Taco Tuesday Take Down, in friendly downtown Chapel Hill, NC. You see dear readers, if you are ever in downtown Chapel Hill, you’ll see