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The Pot and Pan Handler Get Crafty

Welcome back, drunken readers, to this crafty edition of the Pot and Pan Handlers slightly literate blog where we tour this great nation one plate at a time. Today we’re in the American south where we armed ourselves to the

The Early Bird gets the hashbrown

Who doesn’t enjoy fod made with love? The Pot and Pan handler: the Early Bird Gets the Hashbrowns “Diners like interstates and an inherent dislike of Adam Sandler are quintessential slices of Americana.” – Nobody It’s early… Not too early,

The Tale of a Racist BBQ Sauce

The evil Colonel Sanders? The Pot and Pan Handler: adventures with a Jarhead, the threat of a weekday mineral and the evil Colonel Sanders with racist BBQ sauce. Welcome gentle readers both old and new, to the Pot and Pan