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The Violet Hour

We stood, in the sunlight of an abnormally azure Chicago sky, our mission clear, but execution not so much. On a search for drinks in the Wicker Park area of Chicago, a long, depressing walk, or short, depressing cab ride

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Windy City Tacos and Donuts

Welcome dear readers to the Pot and Pan Handlers distracted blog pertaining to food and travel sometimes more, sometimes much, much, less. Today we are in the windy city and we’re talking about two things close to our hearts… tacos

A Night in the Windy City, Take 2

We’re in a taxi chain; in our cab is Dr. Business Casual, the Salesman with sunglasses seemingly attached to his Lego hair and us, your humble narrators the Pot and Pan Handler. Contained ahead of us in taxi #1 is

A night in the windy city

In the beginning It started as far as I can recall, outside of a convention center in Chicago, Illinois, where we were breezily strolling wondering where to eat in this mecca  of food. Suddenly we’re approached by a woman whom