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Chicago’s Portillo’s & the Purple Pig

Chicago’s Portillo’s and the Purple Pig Welcome back gluttonous readers to a Portillo’s edition of the Pot and Pan Handler’s frivolous blog. Today we’re talking something near and dear to our hearts… Italian Beef’s, then a complete sensory overload sends

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Billy Goat Tavern, Chillinois

Chillinois’ Billy Goat Tavern Welcome back infatuated readers to a Billy Goat Tavern edition of the Pot & Pan Handler’s misanthropic blog. This post is an illustration of the futility of food porn production as who hasn’t heard of the

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Food for thought or thought for food…

The Pot and Pan Handler is a website designed not for foodies, but for eaters, we are currently under construction. Come back soon for some of the hottest amateur food porn on the internet, under the tutelage of the properly