The methods to our madness

Behind every mad cook is a brilliant, crazy recipe, here are ours.



Sriracha deviled eggs: find your devil inside.









Cody’s Sriracha deviled eggs





Bloody Mary’s

Bloody Mary & Michelada at Laplace Hillsborough, NC

Bloody Mary’s are the foundation of brunch.


Dora Charles’ Cheesy Meatloaf with Mushroom Sauce

Dora Charles' Cheesy Meatloaf with mushroom sauce.

Cheesy Meatloaf? It is easy being cheesy.

Dora Charles; a Pleasure to Meatloaf you, it is easy being cheesy.



ravioli brwn buttr caper copy

Pasta made with won tons! Whaaaa?


cobbler finished copy

Cobbler spoiler alert: there’s booze in here.

Side dishes

Maple citrus pork sausage sweet potato

Maple, citrus, pork sausage, sweet potato because, yum.

Sweet potato why?