Blue Shoes & a French Horn in a Cuban Band, Miami’s Downtown Bistro.

Bistro copy
Miami’s Downtown Bistro


Oh, snap, what’s up, dear reader? Forgive our derelict absence, as the holiday whirlwind found us touring the Midwest in search of food, family and libations. We can only hope your holiday was filled with as much, food, fun and time spent with loved ones as ours was. Today however we’re telling you where you can find blue shoes and French food in the capitol of Latin flavors, Miami, Florida.

So it’s day two in Miami, Florida and guess what, it’s sunny. I’m on a hunt for food but there’s something I passed the day before that demands investigation. On the way to Havana Coffee & Tea company, I had seen a giant store front called La’epoca, it had been closed but it looked like they have an impressive array of shoes and I need new blue shoes.

Bistro SD Kicks copy
My old blue shoes in San Diego circa 08, it took until 2010 to find a replacement.

Okay confused readers; allow me a moment to explain. I like blue shoes, they match blue hats, but they’re hard to find. Oh yeah, I hear ya’ I can get them on the internet. However, I would hate to disappoint my entire maternal lineage; rolling over in their graves at the thought of buying shoes without trying them on first. So I was on a search for blue shoes, as my last ones acquired in Manhattan in 2010 finally gave up in Mazatlan, Mexico in 2015. They toured the continent with me until they began to smell like a boy’s high school locker room, in a roller skating rink with a cheese shop for concessions.

Bistro NY Kicks copy
Manhattan 2010 brand new blue shoes! Rob Dyrdek DC’s, lasted until 015.

Mission accomplished. New blue shoes were not only to be had at La’epoca, but there was a wide variety of them.  Not just in blue either, but if you can imagine a shoe color, I’m fairly sure they’d have it. After trying on a variety I picked up this pair. Now to find some eats because shopping is hungry work. So let’s go to downtown Miami’s answer to French cooking, Downtown Bistro.

Bistro Laepoca copy
Oh come on, go back and click the link, we have an interesting history. Unless you’re too pussy?
Bistro Blue kicks copy
Brand new blue kicks!

Once I got there I was quickly seated amid the simple if modern décor and perused the menu. French cuisine is clearly represented with a variety of Charcuterie, Fromage, Thon Tartare’s, Moulets and Escargots. Though all of these rich and heavy dishes are indicative of French cuisine, after yesterday’s Cubano for lunch so artfully crafted by the consummate professionals at Havana Coffee & Tea Company. Plus a catered dinner of heavy fried foods, I was in the mood for something a little bit lighter. That’s when the Bistro Salad caught my eye Described as a Mixed Greens with Tomato, Black Olives, Goat Cheese, Onions, & our house Dijon Vinaigrette. Plus you can add chicken for $5 if you feel the need, I felt the need.

Bistro clown copy
This dude wearing a clown nose drove by. It was not the first or last fake nose we saw in Miami.

Eventually the salad arrived, light and artfully dressed with the light vinaigrette this was the perfect dish for a hot and humid Miami day. The chicken was juicy, the goat cheese slightly tangy the lettuce crisp and the olives were olivey. Mmmmmm olivey.

Bistro salad copy
Salad and an iced tea, my walk of shame after yesterday’s gluttony.

So although I can’t speak as to the authenticity of Downtown Bistro or their French preparations, I can say it’s a nice place to get a salad and get out of the sun on a hot day. Plus I’d add La’epoca is a great place to find a new pair of kicks. New kickers and a salad, is my prescription for a great downtown Miami day. Now where am I going to find a hat to match these shoes?

Bistro Butcher copy
Downtown Bistro has butcher paper hanging on the wall in the dining room.

Coming soon: We do a guest blog about the not quite real life Mayberry, Siler City, NC for the travel minded Photo by Johnbo… Then we’ll continue our food tour of Miami with a stop in to Daniel Boulod’s Bistro Moderne will they live up to the hype? We certainly hope so. Same bat time, same bat channel, we’ll see ya’ there. Pot and Pan Handler

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