Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles, because, chicken & waffles.

Lolo's Scottsdale, Arizona
They had us at chicken.

Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles, because, chicken & waffles.

Welcome hungry readers to the Pot & Pan Handler’s ineligible blog edition: Lolo’s. Phoenix, Arizona’s answer to the question everyone asks, where do you get chicken and waffles? You can’t be in the Southwest without simultaneously occupying the American South and the American South knows fried chicken and waffles. Leave it to the South to find a way to make waffles worse for you, albeit with delicious results, oh well, when in Rome.

Welcome to Lolo’s, P.S. you’re late.

An Arizonian, made us aware of Lolo’s, after which we scoured the intertubes with our google hats on and found a location and time that suited us for chicken & waffles at Lolo’s. Ha Ha! Upon arrival the joke is on us, underneath the painted hours, was a cardboard sign taped to the glass in the door. The hand scrawled marker read: Our website tricked you bitches, now piss off, ya’ shites. But somehow they word it more appropriately, New Summer Hours, We Regret Any Inconvenience. Bullshit. The leering staff makes it abundantly clear, they not only don’t regret, but actually relish any inconvenience.

What'cha Taco'n about Willis
Fuck, we’re old.

What’cha Taco’in About Willis.

We went and got tacos, because tacos are fuckin’ good, especially when there’s a salsa bar, various pickled vegetables and roasted fresh jalapenos. That’s what we found at Taco’s Jalisco, however, dear readers, that is a different post.

L-O-L-O, Lo-lo’s take 2

We went back to Lolo’s the next day for lunch, hoping those bitches wouldn’t change the hours again as soon as they see us pull up. The joke’s on them. Our bland rental car from Tight Sphincter Car Rentals is so unassuming they never see us coming and they have no time to change their hours before we enter. Clean modern lines, with the appropriate amount of reclaimed barn wood, or at least something that looks like it and markets well with focus groups. A glaring sign inside says Lolo’s just in case you’ve forgotten where you just entered. Or perhaps they’ll soon put up another cardboard sign that reads, New Summer Name, We Regret Any Inconvenience.

Lolo's Phoenix, Arizona
Didja’ remember?

We’re quickly led to our seats and served iced tea in Mason Jars, because, that’s easier than personally calling each and every patron a biscuit head, cousin humper. In fact they even serve… Kool-Aid, again in Mason Jars. It seems to me reminiscing about drinking Kool-Aid from an old jar, is counterintuitive. Instead of celebrating the past, celebrate the now, when you can afford something that’s not Kool-Aid in a jar. However, who are we to judge. We acknowledge we are biscuit heads, and start sipping from a jar.  Because however corporate this place is they still have a full bar, with beers on tap, sipping on a mason jar suddenly seems perfectly plausible.

Lolo's Mason Jars, Phoenix, Arizona
I wonder what my attractive cousin is up to.

Chicken & Waffles

We order Lolo’s chicken and waffles, after all that’s what they’re known for. Though we do get a salad as well, because nutritional content. As much as you can’t make friends with salad, you can’t live on waffles & fried chicken alone. Well, you can, I suppose, as long as you supplement it with copious amounts of nutritional Red #4 found in Kool-Aid.

Shortly our food arrives and it’s suitably American, easily enough food for 4 people, a value, some would say. The chicken is a revelation, the exterior is crispy, yet tears away easily in heavenly crisp, bites, the interior a cloud saturated with flavor. Y’know, competent fried chicken, when it’s right, it’s always good. Lolo’s does it right.

Lolo's Chicken & Waffles, Phoenix, Arizona
If fried chicken is on the same table as a salad it qualifies as health food.

Waffles; in Kenny Shopsin’s book Eat Me he refers to pancakes as hoe cakes. Claiming they’re slutty, as they taste fuckin’ great, but offer no nutritional value, therefore pancakes are inherently bad for you. I don’t know if Lolo’s read this memoir but, their waffles remind me of this claim. These waffles are textbook we’ve definitely had better, but these waffles remind us of most waffles we’ve ever had, outside a couple of amazing outliers. Think Ihop, Waffle House or Perkins, these waffles are good, mostly because you don’t have to make them, that and syrup.

Speaking of syrup; here’s Lolo’s faux pas, pancake syrup. Lolo’s chooses to eschew the industry standard maple syrup in favor of high fructose corn syrup, caramel colored predator drones of “pancake syrup.” However, Lolo’s also includes something soooo tasty, we can overlook this minor flaw, in anticipation of, wait for it… JALAPENO BUTTER! Smooth, spicy, delectably creamy and worth overlooking the slovenly, overlooked flaw of no maple syrup. Barely.

Jalapeno Butter, Lolo's, Phoenix, Arizona
Butter will never be the same.

That of which, will win you no friends.

Then there was the matter of Lolo’s salad. In so many of these corporate family restaurants with, the salads are oft overlooked. Limp lettuce served with a quartered, walk-in ripened, sliced 2 days ago, sad, tasteless tomato, maybe a couple of indifferent red onion slices. Don’t forget the obligatory cuke slice, and factory made crouton. Lolo’s don’t play that game.

The salad we got was refreshing, a spring salad of field greens, goat cheese, strawberries, candied walnuts and grilled chicken breast. Okay it’s not a menu shattering dynamic feat of gastronomy, but it is a little sweet, a little sour, a little bitter, a little creamy, with a crispy textural counterpoint, and competently cooked chicken. When you’re talking salad, this is a perfectly serviceable combination and we enjoyed it as such.

Lolo's Spring Salad, Phoenix, Arizona
“You can’t make friends with me.” – Salad

Desert was out of the question, we’re surrounded by dessert after all, a lot to take in and rather filling, especially after drinking out of a mason jar.

Coming soon: we take you to Carolina’s in Arizona, for flavor perspiring, five napkin, machaca commitment, tacos on slamming house made flour tortillas. Until then may the odds be ever in your flavor. – Pot and Pan Handler



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    • Haha yeah, prolly a good call! They certainly don’t bother to change their hours on their social media pages, calling beforehand is a good call. Happy fried chickening!

    • Thanks Mindy! Pay no attention to the avatar situation, it’s just your friendly neighborhood Pot and Pan Handler here. I appreciate your reading, and enjoy reading your blog as well! I’ll see ya on the internet where wondrous things happen! I soooo appreciate the feedback as we have the least read blog on the internet LOL. 😉

    • Yes you should! It’s hard to find places that do it right, but when it’s done right, chicken & waffles is a banging culinary feat of hyper-deliciousness! Thanks for reading!

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