One good cause destroys another

Black Lives Matters Protestors 2015 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Signs, signs everywhere are signs.

Welcome back readers, to the Pot and Pan Handler food & travel blog, where today we’re talking good cause. A cause is the altruistic organizational tendency that make us change and grow as a society constantly striving to continue to bend the line of time towards justice. Unfortunately sometimes one good cause can, affect the outcome of another well-meaning cause in a completely negative way. However, well-meaning that cause may be. Today’s blog post is just such a tale, a tale of two good causes.

Cause, I want to

The day was bright the spring sun high in the Philadelphia sky and we’ve been drinking.  We’d spent the last few hours in an Irish bar called Paddy’s Pub, where the shenanigans of the locals kept us in stitches.  But since it’s Thursday, we had to go. We stumble out of the darkness and spill into the street. We’ve got a cause.

Dine Out For Life by ACTION AIDS poster, 2015 Philadelphia, PA
Dine Out for Life, do it.

Cause one

The cause is: Dining Out for Life, presented by Action AIDS. Participating restaurants donate 33% of your food bill (apparently drinks can’t be well intentioned) to local services that fight AIDS. With many of the participating restaurants in close proximity to Philadelphia’s famed Gayborhood, one would assume this was going to be a big night for said restaurants. Of course we don’t have reservations but we do have a cause.

So we had to get back to the hotel, maybe make reservations or change depending on what happens. (We don’t get tied up in travel planning, choosing instead to allow travel to unwind before us. Sometimes we’re surprised by the places we find, such is the gift the well-traveled can give to themselves, the journey of surprise.) So we’re trudging back to the hotel when we start to see scores of cops.

Police 2015 Philadelphia, PA protests
Anybody got any donuts?
Police Philadelphia, PA 2015 protests
Here a cop, there a cop, everywhere a cop, cop.
Police Philadelphia, PA 2015 protests
Like C.H.I.P only pastier.

First we saw a few cops congregated outside a ring of cop cars like an old fashioned wagon circle. Then we saw a platoon of motorcycle cops rushing to a destination unknown to us. Not to be outdone the mounted police soon made an appearance riding disciplined horses in single file on a purposeful journey to who knows where. Cops are everywhere. Once upon a time I had seen the police in DC rush in and close down Pennsylvania Ave, but there are way more cops present here. Is the Prez in the house?

Cause two

Soon we started to hear a ruckus, the voice of a cause. Loud voices rhythmically chanting, we’re too far away and can’t hear what they say. As we continue to walk the chanting gets louder. Now even louder, eventually we turn the corner and are confronted with crowds of people walking the streets. The chant is now legible “Hey, hey, ho, ho, these racist cops have got to go!” Angry faces, raised fists and signs promoting change and/or social justice are everywhere. The police look on apparently not amused.

Police Philadelphia, PA 2015 Freddie Gray protests
Did they all come in the same car, like clowns?
Freddie Gray protestors Philadelphia, Pa 2015
Hey, hey, ho, ho.

Philadelphia protestors had taken to the streets to declare their solidarity to Baltimore’s cause of Freddy Gray. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, these racist cops have got to go!” The chant continued. Unlike Baltimore, as angry as some of these protestors would appear, the protest continued peacefully, if loud. Soon the route to our hotel took us off the protestors apparently agreed upon course. The chants begin to fade into the distance as we walked away. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, these racist cops have got to go!”

Protestors Philadelphia, PA 2015
Freddy Gray protestors Philadelphia, PA 2015
Everyone ignores the sign. Please share.

We got a cappuccino, went back to the hotel and tuned into the local news. Their prognosis was similar to ours, the protests ended peacefully. Presumably a blunt was passed around and the protest turned into a drum circle as most protests do. Either way the protests did not turn into riots as they did in Baltimore, so we continue to decide where we’re going to eat.

Black Lives Matters Protesters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hey, hey, ho, ho
Philadelphia protestors 2015
The natives are restless.

Tavern on the Camac

After some hemming & hawing we decide to eat at Tavern on the Camac as one of the oldest running gay bars in the nation, it is of course near the hotel right outside the Gayborhood. In a few minutes we’re there. We hope we can still get a table it’s Dining out For Life in the Gayborhood after all.

Tavern on Camac Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tavern on Camac

We descend the steps into the Tavern & step inside. Once inside we scan the dining room and it’s nearly empty. It turns out that yuppies hate and/or are scared of protests. Everybody abandoned their cause, cancelled their reservations, choosing instead to cower in the suburbs and order Dominoes’. That’s how one good cause destroys another. At least we got a table with no reservations and we got our cause.

Dine Out for Life by ACTIONAIDS ribbons 2015
AIDS ribbons one good cause deserves another.

Coming soon we’ll tell ya’ about the food behind the cause… How was the meal at Tavern on the Camac? Did they get one look at a straight married couple and throw us out on our asses? We’ll answer all these and more next time, thanks for reading we hope to see you there. – The Pot and Pan Handler

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