Our Books are Cooked.

Read one or read ’em all, Our Books are Cooked is a comprehensive reading list of Pot and Pan Handler endorsed food porn for foodies and eaters alike.


michaelPcookedII copy

Cooked– Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan discovers the fundamental influence that cooking has on not only people but as a reflection of society as a whole. The process of apprenticing under the tutelage of 4 different masters of elemental cooking (fire, air, water, earth) among the many things he would learn, is this basic tenet: eat whatever you want as long as you make it yourself.


Down and Out in Paris and London– George Orwell

A gritty social commentary on poverty and sobering (if not entirely sober) expose on the gritty underbelly of old school haute’ restaurant kitchens in Paris and charitable shelters in London. It wouldn’t be Orwell without social commentary about societies responsibility to care for those who’ve found themselves in less than fortunate circumstances.


Food Rules– Michael Pollan

A common sense look at the American foodscape and simple solutions for navigating an increasingly difficult to navigate American food scene. This book could be considered a no nonsense manual of basic food eating principles for either self identified foodies or for self identified eaters of food.


In-N-Out Burger– Stacy Perman

Follow the story of how In-N-Out Burger made the journey from a single location to a celebrity crazed, cult phenomenon it is today. Learn the secrets of this burger joints expansion as well as a glimpse into the secretive family behind the succes.


Tarheel Traveler Eats– Scott Mason

A book for eaters, not foodies. Scott Mason explores the funky, eclectic, old, and endearing eats available for everyday Joes in and around the Tarheel state. We guarantee that you will want a hot dog after reading the first few pages.

Salt A World History by Mark Kurlansky
Take with a grain of salt. Literally.

Salt, World History; An our books are cooked edition

Dora Charles' A Real Southern Cook in Her Savannah Kitchen

“Country people in the South had to make do with what was at hand, what they could grow or trade or preserve,” “I see this food as a tribute to those who came before me, who worked so incredibly hard for so little.” Writes Dora Charles in her Southern Cookbook that chronicles the years she spent In Paula Deens’ Lady & Sons. If Southern cuisine is in or out of your wheel house, this is a worthy read.

Dora Charles; a Pleasure to Meatloaf you, it is easy being cheesy.

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TomatoLand– Barry Estabrook

A riveting in depth look between the rows of American agriculture. This fast paced book is more than a commentary relating to the state of tomatoes found today in supermarkets and fast food chains.  This tome also tells of the shocking status of many farm laborers in industrial agriculture. It’s a guarantee that you’ll never look at a tomato the same way again.

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Twain’s Feast- Andrew Beahrs

A Twain obsessed Andrew Beahrs examines the old time linguistic Twain’s love of the all American diet. First of all he dispels the myth that American cuisine started in the late 1970’s and furthermore explores the reasons why Americans can’t or won’t eat those cuisines any longer.