Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you can’t remember where you were going.

Welcome informal readers to a Reading Terminal Market filled Pot and Pan Handler’s blog. This is where we will discuss the finer points of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Reading Terminal Market. Yeah, I suppose you figured that out already, but search engine optimization demands that the phrase Reading Terminal Market be repeated, over & over because the internet thinks you’re stupid.  Reading Terminal Market, oops, did it again.

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia, Pennsylvavia
Here’s how it looks from the top off a bus.

What can you find in the Reading Terminal Market?

That’s a trick question, yo. A better way to phrase this question would be; what don’t they have at the Reading Terminal Market? A comprehensive list would take hours to read and even longer to write. Instead I’ll focus on a few of our favorites, you’re sure to enjoy. If not, then this post is free. So let us begin.

Dinic's Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Raab, I’ve never liked that kid.


Ah ha Dinic’s is the first place we ever went to inside the Reading Terminal Market. Quite by accident, Reading Terminal Market just happened to be across the street from our hotel. Once inside it wasn’t long until we saw Dinic’s. You see, Dinic’s was touted by the Travel Channel and Adam Richman as having the best sandwich in America. Pork, provolone and broccoli raab served on cheese steak bun. This sandwich would be really good except, it isn’t. The bitter broccoli raab is overpowering at least for this particular sandwich, it is literally the only thing you can taste. Overkill. Best sandwich in the nation? Not even the best sandwich on their menu. Their brisket sandwich on the other hand is divine. Unctuous, delicious, hand carved, fatty brisket served on a cheese steak roll, what’s not to like?

Miller's Twist Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
$0.00 Pot & Pan Handler

Miller’s Twist

Philadelphia is celebrated as the cheese steak capitol of the nation, and plenty of those are available in the Reading Terminal Market. However, we would argue that the Philadelphia soft pretzel is Philly’s true contribution to culinary greatness. No one does them better than Miller’s Twist, where once again you’ll see Adam Richman’s mug promoting Miller Twist’s take on this Philadelphia classic. Miller’s twist in Reading Terminal Market does more than pretzels, pretzel dogs, cheese pretzels, chicken and cheese steak pretzels, dessert pretzels, even breakfast pretzels all take a bow center stage. How do they taste? Light, airy, salty, goodness, it would be difficult to find a tastier pretzel, even in Philly.

Miller's Twist Pretzels Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We got a stunt double for the action shot.

Condiments a pretzel

Okay, it’s a non-starter, everyone loves neon yellow processed fake cheese with a soft pretzel. To argue otherwise would be sacrilegious at worst and stupid at best. However, there is one thing overlooked in this equation, mustard. Soft pretzels are essentially white bread and cheese sauce is deliciously fatty a match made in heaven. However a proper balance is necessary in all food equations and this is no exception. Like pickles on burgers, mustard on hot dogs & slaw on BBQ pork, acidity is a necessary yin to the fatty yang, for this reason, we recommend Miller Twists whole ground mustard along with your pretzel and cheese sauce. We guarantee that you will thank us for this sage advice, if not this post is free.

Fake cheese and stone ground mustard Miller's Twist Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
How to make a Jackson Pollock: fake cheese in 2 oz. portion cup.
Bacon 1732 Meats Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Of course you like bacon.

1732 Meats

Where pork fans meat, hand cured heritage breed meats from our family to yours. This is how they describe themselves on their website.  They had us at cured. Do you like bacon? If so, you’ll love this place. When we were there they had 9 different kinds of bacon. Seriously, they have other cured meats as well; basically they have everything, except the oink. When in Philly, it’s where we go to meat too.

I commissioned a Chinese company to do this caption & you can no be telling the different.
Bassett's Ice Cream Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Whoa, that ice cream is really, really old.

Bassett’s ice cream

In almost every city in America, there is a similar place, the ice cream shop that all the locals call the best ice cream in the world. There’s one reason for this, unlike many megalomart ice creams and others of their ilk, these places like Basset’s still use… wait for it… CREAM, instead of hydrogenated shelf stable oils, whaaaaa? Yeah, I know, right.

Bassett's Vanilla Ice Cream Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Vanilla, sort of like plain white bread with a glass of water for dipping.

Started in 1861, Bassett’s moved into Reading Terminal Market when it opened in 1892, they’ve been there ever since. Bassett’s is in fact, America’s oldest ice cream shop; they must be doing something right. Oh yeah, they are, ice cream, and it’s as delicious as one would believe an ice cream joint that’s been around this long to be.

Sausage Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
No one knows how the sausage is made, we just assume that it happens.
Chocolates Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nothing says tasty like black lung chocolate.

What else?

I’ll leave you with a brief list of other stuff you can find at the Reading Terminal Market.

Arts, candy, cheeses, crafts, produce, more candy, soft drinks, teas, coffee, gyros, Peking duck, pizza, seafood, a world of chocolates and much, much more. If you’re ever in Philadelphia, whether, you live there or are just getting touristy The Reading Terminal Market is an historic, fun and busy place to kill a couple of hours eating, shopping, snacking and gawking.

Fish at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Reading Terminal Market
Something smells fishy, must be election season.

One note of caution, the Pennsylvania Dutch both Mennonite and Amish are the proprietors of many of these shops. They have a rather strict adherence to the biblical commandment “Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image.” As such as a sign of respect for their beliefs, restrict any photography to the market and products available, but refrain from taking any photos of people especially if they’re in the traditional dress of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Reading Terminal Market, oops, did it again.

Cheese at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Reading Terminal Market
Oh thank god, it’s cheese, it smelled like a locker room for a minute.

Coming soon; we’re embezzled by tour guides and experience the place where progress and the health department forgot. Mace’s Crossing, we hope to see you there.

May the odds be ever in your flavor. – The Pot and Pan Handler

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