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The Pot and Pan Handler: Why the fudge don’t BBQ restaurants serve tacos?

Welcome readers to another steamy hot posting of food porn by the Pot and Pan Handler. Today we’ll tell ya’ what grinds our gears. Followed by a foray into the American South for a worthy offering of hot, wet, naked, bones and a side of tacos no taqueria necessario …

Ya wanna know what grinds my gears? No? Oh, okay, I’ll tell ya’ anyway. BBQ restaurants, what the hell is your deal? Delectably cooked and delightfully over salted, slow cooked meats, piled upon cheap buns often served aside forgettable sides. Why the freakin’ fudge do you not serve tacos? Half the work is done already when you opened the smoker and removed brisket, pork shoulder or chicken. Instead of slapping those delicious meats on a cheap industrial bun shipped in from a warehouse, try slanging it on a tortilla with a little salsa, maybe some cheese, guaca-frickin’-mole, or pickled onion, bam! You’ve got tacos… Doesn’t sound too hard eh? So what’s your freakin’ deal?

Almost every freakin’ time we get BBQ, we get it to go, because frankly, BBQ joints typically suck to hang out at. Then back at home after the initial BBQ binge, the surplus smoked meats become leftovers in the form of tacos. Why don’t you cut out the freakin’ middleman, man up and stock some damn tortillas, so I don’t have to go the fricken’ taqueria to pick up tortillas just to eat your freakin’ leftovers, yo!

At least this is what we thought until we had the pleasure of trying the BBQ at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ in West Ashley, SC, they’re doing BBQ right and they’re not afraid to cut out the middle man and slang some tacos to an appreciating fan base on the side…

Like most stories this one starts at the beginning in fact, It started with a listicle… a quirky indy blog that celebrates the fortes and foibles of the American foodscape had posted a list of the 35 best ribs in America as decided by As you may know, we here at the Pot and Pan Handler are unashamed BBQ sluts and thus were glued to that freakin’ list looking for a close destination. There it was! #21 of the best ribs in America was Home Team BBQ in Charleston, SC. The trip was soon scheduled.

Home team BBQ copy
This picture is a little bit bigger than the parking lot.

On the appointed, day we pulled into the postage stamp sized parking lot in front of the small corrugated steel building that proclaimed itself Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ in balloon lettering atop cartoon flames. Took notice of the numerous beer signs and entered…

On the menu: ribs, of course but imagine the surprise when we found tacos on the menu so we threw on a side of brisket tacos on the order and ten minutes later we were getting sloppy. Not only were these naked ribs sexy, but they’re tender and taste oh, so good. Even if naked ribs offend your puritanical sensibilities, several sauces are available to cover up, for the more modest in temperament, including the virginal Alabama white sauce.

hometeam ribs copy
Hot naked bones @ Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ

Those are not for me however, I like ‘em naked and forgo any attempt to put me in a Clintonesque “white spot” situation.

The wide open seating and stage would lead me to believe that unlike almost every BBQ joint everywhere, they must have live music @ Fiery Ron’s, although they must be organic, free range, musicians, because none were present while we were there. As for the brisket tacos, you know the old saying: smoke+protein+tortilla=yum. Here are a thousand words:

There's brisket in here somewhere.
There’s brisket in here somewhere.

So thank you Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ, for dispelling the myths that BBQ joints suck to hang out in and never serve tacos.

Coming soon: the Taco Tuesday Take Down continues as we enter the semi finals, corporate or local, whose chicken soft taco reigns supreme. Then join us for a surprise handcrafted meal at the artisan Craftsman Kitchen and Tap House in Charleston, SC where we suspect they even carve their own spoons… possibly out of bigger spoons.

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    • Hahaha Famous Dario’s… Famous Dabe’s and their Dabe Boorger as the Mexicans would say! Always cracks me up to think of the accents when the cooks would call out the orders there.

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