Taco Tuesday Take Down Finale

Lime Salsa bar copy
Salsa one of the few things that is simultaneously tasty and good for you. Wonder how that works?

Welcome back disinterested readers, to the Pot and Pan Handlers frivolous blog, Taco Tuesday edition. As you may remember we took to the campus-esque streets of Chapelborro, NC and swam through a sea of fake ID’s to find our favorite chicken soft taco among the many taco dives that populate the area. This mission of taco greatness is a delightfully frivolous, yet tasty endeavor that came to a delicious end, with the crowning of a champion, allow us to recap…

Cosmic 2 copy
Sent to the cosmos, because, well, um, salad.

Cosmic Cantina’s tacos disintegrated into a taco salad, still tasty, just not a taco.

Lucha taco copy
General Tso you were a bloodthirsty tyrant, but your chicken is delectable.

Lucha Tigre’s General Tso’s chicken soft tacos although tasty, are not what you think of when trying to satiate a drunken taco craving.

Hot sauce Lime copy
These, although tasty… will not substitute salt.

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill’s tacos were apparently allergic to seasoning, which led to a one note blandness that could not be masked by a salsa and hot sauce bar, no matter how extensive.

Taco Buss tacos copy
Authentic, yet under-seasoned.

City Bus Tacos were the only taco truck in the competition, their authentic Mexi-style street tacos made for a hopeful favorite, but surprisingly under seasoned chicken, sent them trucking.

chip pep copy
Chipotle’s marketing says people like tacos. Brilliant, money well spent.

Chipotle’s tacos, exactly how you’d remember ‘em, good, not great, but they did have the best green salsa of all combatants. There’s more to tacos than salsa.

carrburrito taco copy
The taste of windex and vinyl. Not as hot as it sounds.

Carrburrito’s tacos were tasty, but a faux pas in the semi-finals disqualified them when our tacos were prepared by the staff, that was cleaning windows, and they never changed their gloves. Too bad, but that’s just gross. Those gloves were as ancient as the Mariner’s Rhyme and long ago should have been banished to the land of wind and ghosts or combined with scrapings of fermented hobo taint and turned into Bud Lime.

Bandidos taco copy
Wisconsinites would use a straw to consume this.

That left us with the two heavy hitters, Armadillo Grill and Bandido’s. While both of these were an exceptional example of a drunken frat boy, chicken, soft tacos, well-seasoned chicken, with enough cheese to appease the most discriminating of Wisconsinites, queso overindulgence. However there can only be one winner and Armadillo Grill’s house pressed tortillas gave them the edge.

tortilla press copy
The pressing business of a tortilla press… Press it real good.

Congratulations Armadillo grill, you officially reign chicken soft taco supreme.

Armadillo tacos... copy
I am chicken soft taco supreme. Don’t believe me? Just watch.
bracket two finale copy jpg
Bracketology Bitches… Armadillo reign chicken soft taco supreme.


Coming soon… Taco Tuesday Take Down -The loser’s brackets, we continue to stalk Franklin Street in search of the best, of the worst and find who will reign not quite, chicken soft taco supreme.

loser bracket copy
Up next, the best of the worst.

Same time, same channel, we continue our adventures in the Windy City as we duck behind a mural and find a Violet Hour. Until then, Cheers, we’ll see ya there!- The Pot and Pan Handler

4 Comments on “Taco Tuesday Take Down Finale

  1. Armadillo’s it is. Of course, we will be visiting and enjoying a Taco Tuesday there when we get to your neck of the planet. Next go-round… will there be a fantasy league? 🙂

    • Fantasy leagues are for the statistically obsessed… We have no capacity for this attention to detail!

  2. Oh my goodness. So glad to finally see the results. You drug us along with you on your taco madness but it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the Loser’s bracket. I am sure it will be just as exciting.

    • Aaawww thanks Beth! It was a lot of fun for us too… Mostly because we got to eat a lot of tacos washed down with watery Mexican beers! The losers bracket will be fun, but I don’t know if we dare go back to all of ’em, I’m sure you can understand why.

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