Taco Tuesday Take Down II

armadillo grill sign copy

Taco Tuesday Takedown II

Welcome back disinterested readers to the Pot and Pan Handlers illiterate ranting blog. Today we are celebrating Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC’s famed Franklin St. and the plethora of taco dives by searching for our favorite chicken soft taco. The first round of prelims led Lime Fresh Mexican grill to victory over Cosmic Cantina. To read about that or get the rules go here… http://potandpanhandler.com/taco-tuesday-take-down/

Today we follow up with Armadillo Grill VS Carrboro’s Taco Bus referred to as City Bus. We started with Armadillo grill where you fill out little slips of paper with all the ingredients you want. Then we hit up the City Bus and retired to our patented taco tasting station, more commonly referred to as the living room.

City Bus Taco

We started with the City Bus Tacos, who bring certain legitimacy to this contest as they are serving up authentic Mexican street style tacos on corn tortillas garnished simply with a little onion, cilantro and a wedge of lime for squeezing. This authenticity was not lost by us therefore; we had high hopes right off the bat for these chicken soft tacos.

Taco Buss tacos copy Authenticity.

So we tear into City Bus’s chicken soft tacos and true to form they are certainly authentic, but with one giant small problem, under seasoned chicken. Typically authentic street tacos are absolutely swimming in seasoning and flavor but these left a little bit to be desired. Although the onion provided a nice bite, with the cilantro in a supporting role gave an herbaceous kick and the squeeze of lime brought a refreshing hint of acidity, but the chicken was just a tad bit bland at least for our taste buds. So then we went on to the Armadillo grill’s chicken soft tacos.

Armadillo grill

In the interest of full disclosure let it be known that Armadillo grill is our go to in the region for tortillas as they hand make soft flour tortillas far superior to the ones you find in the megalomart. When you order your tortillas (or tacos) they press them and heat them to order on a tortilla press, then wrap or build your order ala minute. We decided to have ours built with cheese, sour cream and a dollop of their delicious green salsa.

tortilla press copy The tortilla press.

Armadillo tacos... copy Tex Mex for the drunken frat boy circuit.

Unlike the City Bus, Armadillo grill’s tacos are far from authentic Mexican street food; instead they cater more to the drunken frat boy tastes with a fairly typical Tex-Mex style taco. Though these Armadillo grill tacos are certainly bigger than the competition, value has no bearing in this contest, only taste. And Armadillo Grill’s chicken soft tacos taste good. The simply diced chicken breast is adequately seasoned and shrouded in tasty shredded cheddar cheese, the sour cream brought a hint of decadence to the party and the green tomatillo salsa added an insinuation of heat and acidity. In other words… we have ourselves a winner in the preliminaries Armadillo grill sends City bus to the loser brackets.

Coming soon: the Pot and Pan Handler continue our romp through Charleston, SC where we eat @ Poe’s a tale of revenge. Also coming soon next week’s coverage of The Taco Tuesday Takedown prelims four contestants down and four to go, whose chicken soft taco will reign supreme?



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