That’s how we do.

Praise for the Pot & Pan Handler that might or might not be made up;


Chef Aaron Sanchez
Look at my skin, please.

“I don’t trust food-related websites written by people with no tattoos.” F*cking Narcs.” -Aaron Sanchez

“Eeew, I’m sorry, but that just looks gross.” -Blaine England

Chef Michael Symon
I’m from Cleveland.

“Well, whatever a Pot & Pan Handler is, we don’t have one in Cleveland.” -Michael Symon

“These two are tools who can barely keep track of 10 keys.” “I’ve got eighty-eight keys and never lose one.” -Bob Dylan’s piano

Chef Tom Collichio
Don’t make me laugh

“Pot & Pan Handler?” “Whoever they are, my restaurants are better, they have tablecloths and waiter’s that instinctively hate you for some reason.”   -Tom Colicchio

“What the F*ck is a Pot & Pan Handler?” -Stephen Colbert

Giada DeLaurentiis
Do I have food in my teeth?

“I prefer over editorialized, websites that have the common decency to only shoot food pics on slabs of marble.” -Giada De Laurentiis

“Pot & Pan Handler?” “I tend to stick to websites, that are, well, you know… good.” -Mark Bittman

Orange Juice
Our first made up sponsor. The good OJ with an Afro & a Heisman, not the old jail-able one.

“I’d pretty much do anything for a dollar these days.” -OJ Simpson

“They sound tasty, I’d like to eat their livers with fava beans and a nice Chianti.” -Hannibal Lecter

“You must first ask yourself this; what precisely, IS a website, Neo? -Morpheus