The Pot and Pan Handler Eat @ Poe’s

Poes coaster copy Poe’s Tavern Sullivan’s Island, SC

T’was a sultry southern day in Charleston, where last our heads had lay. The sun an unseeing orb, t’was ‘round midday, when I met with an old friend who had once gone away. This familiar stranger emitted a distorted laugh and gestured with a head bend in a peculiar way. His gesture’s intent was meant to be an introduction for we, to the woman with whom he was with, at least currently. “It is nice to meet you.” Said she, “They call me Annabel Lee, for there is no bigger fan of Edgar Allen than me.”

Slight in frame, petite we’d agree, wheat colored hair that wept like a willow tree, such was the girl, we call Annabel Lee. Her eyes were smiling when she looked at we, and said with a laugh “I think we’re all famished wouldn’t you agree?” We didn’t disagree, we nodded assent, “Indeed.” We agreed, for famished were we. “I know the perfect place.” Decreed Annabel Lee, a smile lit upon her face. “There is no better place for sustenance for we than Poe’s tavern, a favorite spot for me.”

eatatpoes1 Do it.

T’were but a moment, then this crew so motley were we, the Pot and Pan Handler, the Familiar Stranger and Annabel Lee. Lit upon a flight so fancy free, like birds of a feather we flocked quite together, on a quest for sustenance agreed upon by we and Annabel Lee. Alas, Poe’s is on Sullivan’s Island, our destination to be. T’was mere moments it seemed, to our glee, if not our hearts, our stomachs were famished indeed.

“O’ how delightful this lil’ tavern seems to me.” Decreed Annabel Lee, “I trust you’ll find it quite quirky, absurdly dark, yet, not what you’d think of ordinarily.” We were greeted upon our arrival so serenely, by a charming hostess of questionable pedigree. Soon thereafter brought to our seats were we. In a quirky dark corner of a restaurant most refined indeed. One glance at the menu it was apparent to me, and in general we, that what said Annabel Lee was correct; this restaurant was definitely quite out of the ordinary it would seem.

Poe1 The logo, as interesting as the restaurant.

At once my eyes focused and see, what could only be a sheer mad man’s folly awaiting on the menu for someone unsuspecting like me. But, first I will tell thee, for thy, should first know; that fish and chips is generally nostalgia to me. Now then, it is time thee hear the dreary tale of the mad folly of the unsuspecting me. T’was the fish and chips, dost thee see? They’re guilty of assaulting, this unsuspecting me with their unusual teepee of nostalgia in my memory.

Thus, when we were promptly stirred to order by a young woman so cheerily, it is then what began the mad cod folly of me. “The fish and chips please, for they sound quite tasty to me.” Said me quite insanely, thy will soon agree. “Not me!” quipped Annabel Lee so airily… “For me, it would seem my favorite dish shares a namesake with me, aptly named the Annabel Lee.” “A burger so juicily, yet delicately crowned with crab from the sea and topped with a remoulade sounds so delicious to me.” With this stately statement we all had to agree that such fine burger would be delicious indeed.

We conversed so easily while we waited for the mad cod folly of me and the aptly named burger, the Annabel Lee. Soon it would seem happily the young woman was back and placed the cod folly in front of me. After of course efficiently placing the aptly named Annabel Lee in front of Annabel Lee and brightly placing the rest of the courses a burger, oh, so roast, garlicky and some fish tacos, citrusy, mahi mahi in front of this motley company.

I peered at this fillet folly and had to agree with Annabel Lee, while this mad cod folly sat so fishily in front of me, t’was easily enough for three of we. But that burger called Annabel Lee looking so juicily, topped with crab from the sea looked every bit better, than the mad cod folly of me. Now I looked upon this jealously as the girl named Annabel Lee took upon the namesake burger so deliciously staring at me. Grasped in the grip of Annabel Lee, when brought to her face, dripping so juicily, this burger, so large it eclipsed her image from me. Longingly I witnessed this burger so hauntingly being consumed right there in front of me while my fishy mad cod folly looked on quite ferociously.

Thus, I poked and I prodded most unhappily at this folly of cod, filet o’ fishily o’ why ist’ though mocking me? Mocking a most unsuspecting me, twas it the fish that was guilty of assaulting me? Or more likely was it the willow haired, Annabel Lee, guilty of this fish folly? She, most guilty of mockingly, assaulting me, with an air of superiority, while flauntingly dangling this burger here, right before me. Or maybe this fish folly was a mad plan hatched by all three? A sinister attempt it was, the wicked plan of the three, the Familiar Stranger, Pan Handler, and Annabel Lee, to trick me with banter and pretend it would seem, to be pleasant company, meanwhile sinisterly plotting a trick on me.

How clever this trick, meant to trick poor me into ordering this cod folly inferiorly. Ha! But it is I who is the clever one indeed, for I’ve seen through this wicked trick perpetrated against me by these who pretend to be pleasant company all the while plotting so maliciously contrary to me. Well we’ll see thought I, so cleverly concealing from them that it was me, more clever than thee and onto the three’s treachery. For if my revenge was to be, this careful deception will be necessary, and not unlike their deception of me, my mind decreed.

Still, now nefariously plotting is me, pretending to be, but one of the we, we of the delightfully easy company chatting so free. All the while waiting, waiting, waiting, to see, when will the time be, for the vengeance of me? Now dost thee see, the moral of the story be? If thou were to avoid the mad cod folly, when thee at Poe’s with Annabel Lee, alone or in company, remember the story of me. Eschew the cod so fishily a folly and acquire the Annabel Lee, chosen best burger in SC by business insider in 2015, then and only then, thou, shalt have my mad cod folly vengeance for me.


Coming soon still in Charleston, we find tacos in an unlikely place. Yo, don’t forget to fill out your brackets, the Taco Tuesday Take Down continues 4 more challengers to go. Who will reign chicken soft taco supreme?

3 Comments on “The Pot and Pan Handler Eat @ Poe’s

  1. Are you saying that the Annabelle Lee sandwich should be buried in an unmarked grave like Elmira Shelton, Poe’s last love?

    • Hahaha! I suck at this… If anything the fish should be buried in an unmarked paupers grave and the Annabelle Lee sandwich should probably be made into a national monument.

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