Whose chicken soft taco will reign supreme?

armadillo grill sign copy
Armadillo Grill we’ll see you in the semi finals

The Semi Finals

Welcome readers, both sober and otherwise to the Taco Tuesday Takedown intermission edition… I know what you’re thinking, intermission edition, what the hell is that anyway? Intermission edition, son of a bitch that sounds like a freakin’ commercial … Congratulations you got that right. How come you ask? Don’t ask me how capitalism works, but if ya’ got a problem with saturation advertising, move, you are clearly a socialist. Or better yet, blame President Obama on an otherwise unrelated internet gardening forum in all CAPITALS, like that. I’ll give you some time.

Welcome back, after fulfilling your God given right to anonymously blame public officials for any inconveniences in your life, no matter how trivial. Now as we were saying, angry readers, we’ve reached the intermission edition of the Taco Tuesday Take Down. Here’s a recap of the events thus far…

Corporate Lime Fresh Mexican Grill sent Cosmic Cantina out into the cosmos by presenting a taco that didn’t dissolve into a salad. Meanwhile Armadillo Grill sent the Carrboro city bus packing with superior seasoning. Bandido’s managed to edge out the Asian fusion Lucha Tigre simply by fabricating traditional taco fare. Lastly in the regionals the little taco joint that could, Bandido’s sent Chipotle out to a gestation crate free defeat with superior pulled chicken.

The brackets thus far look like this…

brackets copy

Once we find the best of the best of these finely crafted drunken frat boy tacos, after the finals, we’ll get on to the loser’s bracket to find the best of the not quite as good. This means, as usual we at the Pot and Pan Handler are the real winners, because we get to eat a lot more of these Franklin Street Chapelboro tacos. Here’s a glimpse of the loser’s bracket, so it’s crooked, shut up, I’m drunk.

loser bracket copy
Losing almost never tastes this good.

So we’ll see ya’ next week for the beginning of the winner’s bracket semi-finals also coming soon we get crafty in a hipster bar in Charleston, where everything is so crafty, we wouldn’t be surprised that they carve their own spoons… Possibly from a larger spoon. Until then, we wish you happy eating!- The Pot and Pan Handler

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